Alerta (Track Patch 1 Corp.)

Alerta by Track Patch 1 Corporation is an innovative disposable patch manufactured in Virginia designed to assist the caregiver in monitoring individuals with Alzheimer’s and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The patch attaches to the upper lumbar region of the back for seven days and notifies the caregiver if the impaired individual wanders from the adjustable safe zone.


DayWon provides a cloud-based CRM-like productivity and organizational tool that connects contacts, calendar events and tasks within webmail applications (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo! Mail) to provide a truly person-centric view of the information and deliverables that you “owe” the people in your life.


TaskArchitect is the leading developer of task analysis software for business and education. For over thirty years, Hierarchical Task Analysis has been the most widely used, successfully applied, and easiest to learn method of task analysis. Now, for the first time, there is a product designed specifically to support hierarchical task analysis – TaskArchitect.

The future of learning for the smartphone generation is about a flexible micro-learning platform that involves your teams in creating and sharing quick, bite-sized knowledge. SmartUp launched late 2015, and is already used by banks, business schools, startup founders, insurance companies, mobile operators and others as their learning and innovation platform for the 21st Century.

BlueJay DEF

BlueJay DEF manufactures BlueJay DEF brand hiqh quality automotive grade Diesel Exhaust Fluid. DEF reduces the harmful nitrogen emissions from diesel engines. BlueJay DEF recently completed construction of a blending and storage facility in Charleston, SC and is looking to expand distribution in the Southeastern United States.

Route 247

Route 247 provides students with an online community, resources and real-world opportunities to help them succeed in their education. With over 15 million high school students in the United States, Route247 can make a considerable change in the lives of many.

Mission Solutions Group Inc.

Mission Solutions Group Inc. is a family of premier defense focused companies that provide dedicated mission critical support around the world with a focus on Sustainment and Command Control Communications Computers & Intelligence.

Rocket Science

Rocket Science Web Studio is the premier web design and app development agency based in Norfolk, VA. Rocket Science’s mission is to help companies succeed by providing them with the assurance of a high quality designed product that is both affordable and constructed by friendly and knowledgeable staff, who are working alongside their clients’ vision from start to finish.